Episode 0 - Introducing Your Podcast Publicist


Are you ready for a podcast that gets real and raw about the often misunderstood world of publicity? I’m Christina Lenkowski, host of the Your Podcast Publicist show, and I get that publicity, and in particular, podcast publicity, can seem like an absolute foreign concept. 


I am on a mission to break down that imaginary wall that’s been built up around it so that you can understand why it’s so important to your business, how to get started, and what’s it’s done for me and some of my clients and biz besties. 


Publicity is not just meant for the already famous and well-funded. 


It’s meant for YOU!


If you’re ready to start getting visible, then click that follow button and share the podcast with your best business friends. I can’t wait to share my knowledge and become Your Podcast Publicist!

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