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About Me

Like you, I am an online entrepreneur who was doing what I was told. 

Even though I specialized in PR and publicity (my particular niche was tourism), I was really only promoting my course - or at least trying to - through paid ads and live webinars, because that's what all the "gurus" and "experts" said to do...

And while those worked for me to a certain extent (kinda), I knew I wasn't bringing in enough people, and they certainly weren't coming in with any knowledge of what I was about and had to offer. To be honest, it was a bit of a bottomless money pit of my own creation.

So I started to do for myself what I had been doing for my clients - I got publicity.

I pitched myself (and then appeared on) multiple high-rated tourism niche podcasts like The Destination Marketing Podcast, Travel Agent Achievers and more, and found more people coming in my lead funnel, and much more primed to buy as I'd already built that "know, like and trust" factor. 

And now I've decided to help online entrepreneurs just like me do publicity - whether learning for themselves, or having me take on some of the responsibility. 

I've been able to get my clients on multiple podcasts and in online publications, and I can't wait to see how far publicity can take you in your business. 


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