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About Me

Hi, I’m Christina.

I get online entrepreneurs the visibility they need for the paydays they want.

I’m a podcast pitch pro, and love helping underrepresented speakers and authors step into the spotlight.

15 years in PR has resulted in 1000s of pitches, 100s of placements and bookings (for me + my clients), not to mention all the new voices I've helped facilitate hitting the airwaves. 

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From tourism PR pro to over 100 podcast bookings in a year

What if I told you that despite a career in PR and publicity work, when I took my business online, all I did to find leads was buy ads?

(I know. Ridiculous.)

But (maybe like you), I was just following the status quo. 

Create a freebie. Throw some money at ads. Pray you make it back.

And (maybe like you), I quickly realized that was nothing more than a money pit for me. And then money was all gone.

So I went back to what I knew best... publicity.

Online, that means podcasts. 

Before I knew it, I was on top-rated tourism shows like The Destination Marketing Podcast and Travel Agent Achievers...

...with new (and primed-to-buy) leads pouring into my funnel because I’d built the Know-Like-Trust factor up during my interview. 

Fast forward a year, and now here I am helping women, LGBTQIA, BIPOC, and neurodivergent entrepreneurs get seen + heard in front of new + aligned audiences. It's wild, y'all. 

 There are more than 1 million podcasts out there

With new shows popping up everyday.

That means two things:

  1. Hosts need guests.
  2. Those guests need to have a valuable + unique voice that stands out.

I know you have that voice. 

Let me pass you the mic. 

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The Show Notes (aka a little more about me)

πŸ”¦ I believe in a Sustainable Spotlight--publicity isn’t one and done work. You’ve got to keep showing up. 

🦸🏻‍♀️ Connecting others is my superpower so helping people get booked on podcasts is my perfect job.

πŸŽ“ I went to Oregon State University. So did my parents. And my grandparents. And so on. (Go Beavs!)

πŸ’πŸ»‍♀️ I’m a lot of fun...and a little direct.

πŸ’° I actually have a me and I will book you on podcasts. Guaranteed, my friend. 

πŸŽ™ I practice what I preach. I commit to doing two podcast interviews a month. 


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