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Want to know if you're ready to start pitching yourself to podcasts?

It can seem a little overwhelming to think about pitching yourself to podcasts as a guest (or having someone start doing it on your behalf)... a good first step is determining if you're at a point in your business to start doing this.

Grab my FREE Podcast Guest Checklist and see what you might still need to get in order before you begin your guesting journey. 

Grab the Podcast Guest Checklist

Quickly determine how ready you are to start pitching yourself to other people's podcasts.

3 Ways to Work With Me


'Hey Bitch, Let's Pitch' Training

I am dead-set on helping solopreneurs get booked on more podcasts, effectively putting them out in front of hundreds, thousands - maybe even tens of thousands - of their ideal customers FOR FREE. 

So I created an-depth training to help them do just that, on minimal time and investment. 

Who it's for: Solopreneurs looking to learn how to pitch themselves to podcasts.


VIP Podcast Pitch Day

As more entrepreneurs see the value in guesting on podcasts, they also see the benefit of having a team member regularly do this on their behalf. 

Problem is that many VAs (and the like) have little to no PR experience (hey, we all have our zone of genius, right?), so let me get you - and a member of your team - all set up to start pitching on your behalf. 

Who it's for: Entrepreneurs, speakers & authors that have a team member they'd like to have do pitching on their behalf.


Personal Pitch Broker

You know that getting on podcasts NEEDS to be a part of your marketing plan... but you just don't have the time to dedicate to the legwork. 

It can feel overwhelming to come up with story ideas, not to mention pitch your ideas to the podcast hosts, follow up, etc.... so let us do it for you.

Who it's for: $500K+ Entrepreneurs, speakers & authors looking to break into the podcast market that would like to have me and my team pitch on their behalf!

Not sure the best choice? Take my free quiz here.

Kind Words 

Tina Tower

Christina has been absolutely incredible to work with. I’d wanted to start increasing my profile to a wider audience and Christina bought all the goods getting me onto some great shows where I got to have fabulous conversations and connect with some superstars in the process.

Roslyn Ranse

If you're on the fence or not sure if this is right for you, just do it...

You are the expert in your field, let Christina guide you in hers. You won't regret it.

She walks the talk and gets results!

Clare Thibeau

Christina is really the bees knees in my book. She got me booked as a guest on some amazing podcasts with women who are doing inspiring and incredible work. I am so excited to bring my passion to their audience so together we can educate, excite and inspire women around the world.