Interested in becoming the go-to expert in your niche?

You know, the one who's always quoted in articles, invited to speak on stages across the world and just a general badass when it comes to nailing their business niche?

Trust me when I say that publicity is one of the best - and fastest - ways to do that, and I love to help online course creators, coaches and service providers (like you!) get kickstarted on their publicity journey.  

Not sure what "publicity" means? You're not alone. Check out my post here on what it actually means, and why you should use it in your business to grow your email list quickly and get out of the ad budget "black hole."

Publicity isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, so I've got several options below to get you started. If you're not sure on what's best, book a free Discovery Call so we can talk it through. 


Your Podcast Pitch Broker

You know that getting on podcasts NEEDS to be a part your marketing plan... but you just don't have the time to dedicate to the upfront legwork. 

It can feel overwhelming to come up with story ideas, not to mention pitch your ideas to the podcast hosts... so let me & my team do it for you.

Over the course of our 12 months working together, we will:

  • Have a messaging session to get crystal-clear on what you're trying to say
  • Have a kickoff call with you to brainstorm relevant story ideas and learn about your ideal customer and where they hang out in iTunes
  • Create pitching assets for you like a Media Bio, PDF one-sheet and audio snippet
  • Write and send pitches on your behalf, including follow-up
  • Get you booked on 24 quality podcasts (that's right, we guarantee it!)

By the end of our time together you will have been a guest on 24 podcasts, growing your visibility and credibility substantially. Your business will have changed in ways you can't even imagine!

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Podcast Pitching VIP Day

As more and more entrepreneurs see the value in guesting in podcasts, they also see the benefit of having a team member regularly do this on their behalf. 

Problem is the many VAs (and the like) have little to no PR experience (hey, we all have our zone of genius, right?), so let me get you - and a member of your team - all set up to start pitching on your behalf. 

Over the course of our day (that's 6 hours!) working together, I will:

  • Have a live call with you to brainstorm ideas and messaging
  • Come up with a list of killer topic ideas that you feel confident speaking on - and that drive ideal customers to your website
  • Craft your main email pitch template that can be used over and over again 
  • Create pitching collateral like a PDF one-sheet and audio snippet
  • Talk through tracking pitches sent, and what follow-up should look like

By the end of our day together, you will feel totally confident in sending your next pitch! Learn more about this service - and book your day - through the link below. 

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'Hey B*tch, Let's Pitch" Workshop Training

I am dead-set on helping entrepreneurs just like me get booked on more podcasts, and get out in front of hundreds, thousands - maybe even tens of thousands - of their ideal customers FOR FREE.

And doing it with pitches that host's like to actually have hit their inbox. 

So I created a 2-hour training, presented live in February 2022, to help them do just that, on minimal time and investment. 

When you sign up for this workshop training, here's what's included…

  • Full 2-hour training with yours truly
  • Audio files + transcript
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Templates + Swipes
  • 'Pitch Sprint' breakdown
  • Multiple amazing bonuses!
I'm Ready To Get Pitching!

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