Episode 1 - Meet Your Podcast Publicist


Hi there! I’m Christina and I am one of the most extrovertiest people you will ever meet. I’ve been in public relations for over 15 years, but when I realized the power of podcasting, I knew that’s where I needed to focus in. Get ready to meet your podcast publicist!


First things first, if you’re listening and thinking, this just isn’t for me, I’m not digging your vibe Christina, no worries! I know that my brand of inspiration isn’t for everyone. But if you know someone who’d love the podcast, send them my way. 


Now, a little about me. I initially thought I wanted to be a writer, but as I grew and began experiencing the world, I realized that a writer’s life felt stifling to me. My mom called it when she said that while I was definitely talented as a writer, I’d be a better fit for PR. 


I’ve worked in many different capacities in the PR world, but when I had my daughter I left it all behind to tend to her. After about a year, I had friends and colleagues reaching out asking for advice and that’s when I decided to take my business online. 


Fast-forward to my very first course launch. I did all the things that the gurus tell you to do. I had a funnel, I ran ads, and I rocked my webinar. I had zero purchasers. 


For my second launch I decided to practice what I preach. I started pitching myself to be on podcasts and the difference in my sales and my business growth was massive. I started helping my clients get on to podcasts as well and realized that this is the way to promote without having to spend insane amounts of money. 


Sound like something you want to learn more about? Awesome! Keep your ears open for amazing interviews and practical tips and advice to get you started on your podcast publicity journey. 


It’s not easy, but it’s 100% worth it.


In this episode:

[01:00] Welcome to Your Podcast Publicist.

[01:43] Not everyone is going to dig this podcast, but you won’t know until you listen!

[02:07] A little bit about me, I’m super extroverty. The extrovertiest.

[03:08] Why I started into podcast publicity. 

[03:27] I am truly an honest publicist. Learn more.

[04:48] What I hope to accomplish with this podcast. 

[06:32] How did I become the person that I am today?

[08:13] My mom totally called it when I was a teenager. 

[10:13] Learn more about my public relations background. 

[12:09] Why the traditional launch model didn’t work for me and what I did instead. 

[14:44] If you think this is going to be your jam, keep listening in for tips, tricks, and motivation.


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