Episode 3 - Your Publicity Questions Answered with Lindsay Woychick


There are a few questions that we get all the time from clients and potential clients and we know you’d like to know the answers to them as well. Which is why I’m bringing Lindsay Woychick, AKA the Yin to my Yang and one of the most important figures at Publicity x Christina, on to share her insights and help me answer these questions for you!


First up, timelines. Publicity in general is not a one and done type thing. You don’t send one email to each of your desired hosts or publications and the next day you’re booked. Podcast pitching is a process and it does take time. 


Now for smaller shows you might see a turn around time (from pitch to booked to aired) of a month or two. For larger shows however, that timeline could be extended to a year or more. For one, their content calendars are already established for months at a time. 


Plus, remember that most podcasts air weekly. That means that there are only 52 opportunities for them to have guests (26 if they mix in solo shows.) 


So don’t be discouraged if you’re not getting immediate answers. 


The timeline is just the start of the questions. Listen in to hear the rest of our most asked questions and their answers. Have a question that hasn’t been answered, write in and let us know! Hopefully we will get enough to do an FAQ episode each quarter! 


Submit your questions to [email protected]


In this episode:

[01:32] Meet Lindsay Woychick. The Yin to my Yang and one of the MOST integral people on my team.

[02:24] Learn how we met and fell in love. 

[04:41] Not sure what publicity is? Check out this episode!

[05:33] What does Lindsay like about publicity work? 

[06:33] The first thing we get asked about is the timeline around publicity. Learn more. 

[08:06] Hear an actual timeline that has taken place for a very large show. 

[10:59] Podcast calendars very much reflect editorial calendars and publishing calendars. 

[13:20] What you should and should not include in a successful pitch. 

[16:15] You have to listen to an episode before you pitch!

[17:47] The most important thing to include in your pitch is topics to discuss. 

[21:19] Do one-sheets matter? 

[24:24] We don’t even have one-sheets that we use…

[25:31] Why you need to get out of your head and just pitch. 

[27:09] Don’t get hung up on the numbers! Smaller shows can provide more return. 

[29:15] Getting a “no” is not necessarily a bad thing.

[33:50] The work doesn’t end once the show is booked. Repurposing content is a beautiful thing. 

[37:42] With bigger shows the listener may not be there for you…


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