Episode 5 - Podcast Publicity for the Long Game with Luis Báez

In this episode, I am bringing in Luis Báez, Founder and Sales Enablement Specialist  at LuisBaez.com.  We dive deep into how podcast publicity has impacted his business over the past year, the opportunities that have opened up for him during this time, and his experience in working with the Publicity by Christina team. 


As a business owner you are managing and tackling so many things at once, including publicity (which you may or may not even feel comfortable doing). But what happens if this gets taken out of your hands and is handled by a team of experts who know what they’re doing? 


Luis has seen and felt the positive changes his business has had since working with us. It hasn’t been an easy road with quick turnarounds, but the quality of relationships and connections podcast guesting has brought in his business has been nothing short of amazing.


True enough, he is slowly-nut-surely reaping what he has sowed in his investment of time, effort and everything in between. Learn the processes he has gone through and what he is doing to continue growing his business through podcast guesting in our conversation.


[01:59] A short backgrounder on Luis and how he has impacted Christina’s business.

[04:37] How things have shifted in his business since he started guesting on other podcasts in the past year.

[05:50] Walking into the path of publicity and accepting that the results don’t show up in an instant and that growth isn’t based on numbers but rather on the quality of relationships.

[12:44] Huge 180 degree turns on business and job opportunities that have transpired in his business since beginning his visibility work..

[17:23] How working with Christina’s team has saved him time and exhaustion.

[21:54] Genuine tips about connecting with podcast hosts and the impact it can give to both you and the host.

[26:50] Why the ‘attitude of gratitude’ towards podcasts hosts is important.

[29:11] Promoting and re-using episodes to continue building your credibility over and over again.

[34:09] The story of how Luis and Christina met and collaborated. 

[36:55] What’s a ‘business squad’ and why you need one.


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