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5 Myths of Podcast Pitching

general publicity Sep 14, 2022

A list of the top myths that aren’t helping you succeed with your pitch

As one of the newest and fastest growing media platforms, podcasting has already earned a name for itself. Like with any trend, misinformation and myths abound, especially when it comes to successfully navigating podcast pitching.  

We’re here to bring some facts about the things that really matter in podcast pitching.

Here are the 5 myths of podcast pitching.

Wouldn’t this be wonderful? Hosts flocking to you for appearances.

This just isn’t the case, even for some of the most talented of online business owners. It’s not enough to decide you want to be a guest on podcasts. You have to send the pitch to earn the guesting appearance.

Our founder Christina always likes to give this example - when she was younger (but also maybe too old to not know this 🤫), she thought awards were just given out because someone recognized what a great job someone else was doing and decided to reward them.


People that win awards (legit ANY award) apply to win that award, and then a person(s) judge them to decide if they should win. 

In many ways, that's how podcast pitching works as well - you send a pitch, the host decides if It's going to be a good fit and then they "award" you with airtime on their show. 

Hosts, as the busy business owners they are, expect guests and topics to come straight to them.

What does that look like?

Make sure the pitch is going to their preferred email address. If they have a form to pitch, do that. Pay attention to past topics they’ve already recorded, and be sure to pitch something unique to you but beneficial for their audience.

Think “spoon feeding” here. The easier the better, and more likely you’ll get a “yes.”

Sound like a lot of work? We can help take the work off your hands. Find out more here.

If we had a dollar for every time we heard someone say “you need a one-sheet to pitch”… Well, you get the idea.

A one-sheet, which generally includes a podcast guest’s media biography, headshots, and past media experience, is a popular and aesthetically pleasing way to represent your credibility, professionalism and expertise.

It may be a nice way to boost your credibility, but it isn’t necessary to start pitching. It’s also not a stand-alone document.

Great pitches are built by demonstrating the value of your knowledge, experience and expertise as it relates to the host’s listeners. When building a pitch, always consider the question – what is in it for them?

It’s not enough to simply send a one-sheet.

We get it though! We love a beautifully designed one-sheet as much as the next digital business owner, but it should not hold you back from starting your pitch journey.

If you want to learn more about the real star of a pitch, check out Christina dropping knowledge on her recent Your Podcast Publicist episode.

We send A LOT of pitches, earn nearly as many bookings on quality shows, and none of them require our clients to pay.

While podcast guesting fees are a trend of late, they are not the norm. There continue to be endless opportunities to secure an aligned podcast guesting without opening your wallet.

For most high quality shows, the host generally finds other ways to finance the show’s production, rather than charging their guests. Some of those methods include affiliate marketing, paid subscriptions, and live virtual experiences. They also find it important to disclose any paid collaborations with their audience, so that they continue to lead with transparency. If you want to dive deep into all the things you should know before you pay a podcast guesting fee, check out our recent blog here.  

Our suggestion? Do your research. Send a personalized pitch. Skip the fees… Or better yet have us do it all for you.

Similar to the idea that hosts will come running to you, a media bio alone will not land you a guest appearance. It might provide some basic details about you, but it doesn’t connect the most important dots for the host. Why do you matter to their listeners?

It should be very clear when reading your pitch the value you will bring to their listeners.

Hosts are aware that if you’re interested in guesting, it’s probably because you are looking to promote some aspect of your business. But, you need to be able to demonstrate that your proposed appearance goes beyond personal gains and a media bio.  

There are important expectations to set for yourself as a podcast guest, especially after your episode goes live.

We often hear digital business owners talk about their hope to drastically increase follower counts and email lists, or maybe even have a massive influx of leads the day the episode airs.

While we have plenty of examples of amazing (immediate) wins for our clients, podcast guesting is a long game strategy that requires more than just showing up for the recording.

Our clients that see the most traction from podcast guesting consistently promote their past episodes, intertwine them in their overall content strategy, and find ways to collaborate with the host after the initial recording through membership group appearances, summits, or maybe even an Instagram Live.

Podcast guesting is the foundation for sustained spotlight, and the best way to maximize its potential is to repurpose and re-share your recording often.

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