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What is the Best Time of Year to Pitch to Podcasts?

general publicity Jun 14, 2022

A month-by-month guide for timing your pitches to get the greatest return

Not all months of the year are created equal <insert your personal least favorite month(s) here>, and that’s true when it comes to podcasting, too.

So, how do you know when your pitch is going to get the greatest read-and-reply, or better yet a “yes?”

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Before breaking it down by month, it’s important to remember one rule of thumb – consider why the host began their business and podcast?

For many, a host’s recording journey begins with entrepreneurship or a side hustle. They may have grown tired of the 9-5 corporate climb. They might be a new mom who has left the workforce and hasn’t been back. They might have even been part of the recent “Great Resignation.” In any of these cases, they are likely looking for greater freedom and flexibility in their career and life.

A podcast is an opportunity for the host to create a platform where they can position themselves as thought leaders in their sector, network with others, as well as priming and growing their own audience.

For the host, their business and podcast might give them:

  • Freedom beyond the 9-5
  • Flexibility to design a career that fulfills them
  • A platform that serves their business and Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA)

By keeping the “why” at the forefront of your mind, a timeline for pitching becomes clearer.

Let’s get into the best months to pitch: 


Podcasters kick off the New Year with more than resolutions. By mid-January through the end of February, hosts are finally able to dig themselves out from under their post-holiday inbox pile.

This is a time of year when any New Year launches are nearing their completion, and hosts have had a chance to recover, making them more receptive to receiving pitches. Many hosts will begin batching their show recordings at this time, and their calendars may be more open than at other points in the year. 

For popular shows, this is a critical time to begin pitching. While a pitch might be sent in January, the recording date for major shows could be as far out as six-months into the future (we've seen it happen!). Being the early-bird to their pitch selection process will pay off. 


April and May shower us with successful pitch responses. The spring, particularly mid-April through mid-May, is a great time to hit send on that pitch you’ve been holding on to. For podcast hosts who have built a business around family and freedom, maybe they are just getting back from a refreshing spring break, or are looking forward to Q2 and Q3. Either way, they are in their inbox and ready to schedule recordings.

Be sure to take a look at a host’s social channels before pitching to make sure you aren’t pressing send the day or two after they are coming back from a vacation. Being mindful to avoid sending pitches shortly after school breaks or long weekends is a great way to ensure a greater response from hosts.

September— October

We’re beyond the back-to-school and end of Q3 shuffle by late September and into October. Podcast hosts have settled in for the final end-of-year push and are actively reviewing pitches. This is a time of year when they begin to batch the final episodes to close out the year. While the recording itself may take place before January, expect the interview to air in the new year.

Consider offering up topics around new trends and strategies that would be relevant at the height of the New Year.

Keep in mind as mid-November approaches, hosts may take the holiday season off, pause their recording sessions opting to re-share popular past episodes, or even close their calendar through the start of the New Year.

Pitching is a p-r-o-c-e-s-s. It takes time and timing. But, pitching with these peak months in mind will set you up for a year of sustainable spotlight on podcasts.

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